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The ultimate tactical sneaker

Handmade in America and approved by the special forces community. The Woobies MOD-1 is the premier tactical sneaker built for anything.

Founded by Green Beret, Anthony Aguiniga, with the purpose to create the ultimate tactical sneaker. Anthony’s experience in his service led him to discover a need in the shoe market.

He experienced firsthand the pain of lackluster footwear in high-stakes scenarios.

Best in class

Woobies Shoes are the premier sneaker of the tactical industry. Beloved by special forces, military, and civilians for their unmatched functionality.

Slip resistant, strainer drain-holes, TPU insoles, military approved canvas, and extreme durability. So you don't just look good but feel good in any scenario.

Handmade in America

Explore our American shoe factory where each MOD-1 is made by hand


"insert testimonial from wholesale partner not customers"

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"insert testimonial from wholesale partner not customers"

Author's name

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download link for woobies wholesale brochure that nick is working on goes here.

We can probably setup a Klaviyo flow that sends out emails to potential clients here. So they get an email every couple days talking more and more about b2g stuff.