Veteran's Week Ruck March


Woobies will be celebrating Veteran’s week kicking things off with a Ruck March on 11/7 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The march will begin at 7:30AM (we will have staggered starts for all the teams) at "The Statues" M&T Bank Stadium (click here for details), where we will have a 4.5M march that circles along the harbor, with some extra challenges and pit stops along the way.

We will do this ruck march in teams of 5, (individuals without teams will be assigned to one). At the end of the Ruck, the top 5 winning teams, will get tickets to attend the Baltimore Raven’s game as they host the Minnesota Vikings.

We encourage you to stick around after the march and celebrate Veterans, as the top 3 teams will win ticket’s into the official Woobie’s Tailgate, prior to the game.

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The Ruck March is starting at M&T Stadium. Please visit the
following website for additional parking information. If you plan to attend the game after, please visit this website for more information: Click here

To purchase parking passes beforehand (we recommend this if you plan on staying for the game after the march), please visit this page.

How to participate

To participate in the Ruck March, we will be asking individuals to bring 15 cans of non perishable foods (Peas, corn, carrots, beans, chicken and tomato soup would be ideal, but anything else will be accepted) to be donated to Baltimore Station, which will be downloaded at the end of the march.

If you can’t bring anything, don’t worry, we still would love have you come to march with us to celebrate Veterans, and to build a community with us.

Bring your own water so you can access it during the march. Some activities and challenges may be done with gloves, so bring some work gloves if you have them.


7:00AM - 8:00AM Arrival - Park @ Lot Oscar

7:30AM - Start Time for the Ruck March,
meet at "The Statues" of M&T Bank Stadium

10:00AM - Completion of the Ruck March, at "The Statues" where we began

10:30AM - Start time of the Woobie's Raven's Tailgate

11:00AM - Winners Announced

1:00PM - Start of the Baltimore Raven's Game

Pit Stop Description
P1: Photo Challenge Quick Picture
P2: Team Challenge Team Contest
P3: Team Challenge Team talent contest
P4: Photo Challenge Interpretive picture challenge
P5: Workout Challenge Race Challenge
P6: Photo Challenge Team Photo Challenge
P7: Photo Challenge Team Photo Challenge
P8: Workout Challenge Carrying challenge
P9: Photo Challenge Team Photo Challenge
P10: Workout Challenge Skills Challenge
P11: Workout Challenge Team race challenge
P12: Final Challenge Download cans of food
Lot Oscar Parking