Family-First Deployment Blueprint:

Secure Your Home Front & Thrive

Hey there, Warriors!

Having been through countless deployments, we know how crucial it is to have a solid plan in place before you head out to face the world's challenges. We've compiled a list of the key lessons we've learned over the years to help you prepare so that you can stay focused on the mission at hand. Ensuring that everything is squared away back home is critical, so take these points to the heart as you ready yourself for the mission ahead.

Power of Attorney: Empower someone you trust to handle your business while you're away. This is a strategic move to keep your loved ones protected and your affairs running smoothly. Look into both general and specific powers of attorney and consult a legal expert to make sure you're covered.

1. Family Care Plan: Just like how we always have a well-planned mission, ensure you've got a solid plan for your kids or disabled family members when you're away. Ensure the chosen caretaker knows the ins and outs of the plan to keep the homefront secure.

2. Budget: Get your finances locked and loaded. Discuss your budget with your spouse, making sure both your names are on essential accounts. Understand your military LES like the back of your hand, and decide how any additional deployment dollars will be used or saved.

3. Wills: Secure the future of your loved ones by having a current will for every adult member in your family. Reach out to your local Legal Assistance Office – they're there to help you through this process.

4. Last Wishes: This may be grim, but it's essential. Talk about the tough decisions regarding life support, funeral arrangements, and burial locations now to prevent your spouse from making heart-wrenching choices later. Preparedness is key in and out of the battlefield.

5. Deployment Support: Numerous resources are out there to help your family connect with deployment-related information and support. Don't be a lone wolf; tap into these resources.

6. Kids and Deployment: Help your kids stay resilient during your deployment. Equip them with the right tools and support, such as Military OneSource, Zero To Three, The American Red Cross, United Through Reading, Sesame Workshop, Military Kids Connect, and Our Military Kids.

7. Military Family Liaisons: Stay in touch with your liaisons to get vital information before, during, and after deployment. Many of them have Facebook groups where you can stay updated.

8. Command Contact Information: Make your chain of command proud by ensuring they have your current contact info for emergencies or urgent updates. Keep their information handy too for easy communication.

Remember, brothers and sisters, keeping everything in order at home ensures you can focus on the mission without distractions. Stay strong and stay prepared.