Kevin Spinoza

Kevin Spinoza

Here is Kevin rocking his pair of Woobies during his treks outdoors.

The Naval Academy

Kevin on his graduation day.

Life on the edge

Kevin's love for BASE Jumping has led him to learning and surviving in this extreme sport.

BASE jumping is the recreational sport of jumping from fixed objects, using a parachute to descend safely to the ground.

The Interview

Question 1 - Where were you born?
Kevin Spinoza - Dallas, Texas.

Question 2 - What school(s) did you attend?
Kevin Spinoza - Attended and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy.

Question 3 - What did you do after graduating?
Kevin Spinoza - I served as a Naval Officer. I was a Surface Warfare Officer and rescue swimmer stationed in San Diego, CA.

Question 4 - What was your first job?
Kevin Spinoza - I was a Surface Warfare Officer and rescue swimmer on board a minesweeper in San Diego, CA,

Question 5 - What do you like to do in your free time?
Kevin Spinoza - I like to spend my time vested in medical sales.

Question 6 - What inspired you to pursue your job?
Kevin Spinoza - I love knowing that what I'm doing is making a difference in the world.I was inspired to serve in the Navy by my father at the age of 12. It was then when I first saw the Army/Navy game on our small living room TV. He explained what the game symbolized and what West Point and the Naval Academy were about. From there on, I pursued attending the Naval Academy and long desired to serve in the Navy.

When I left the service I wanted to continue that same “sense of higher calling” in an environment where I could still make a difference. I chose Medical Sales because of the everyday impact it has to continuously improve patient care and their quality of life.

Question 7 - How would you describe Woobies in 3 words?
Kevin Spinoza - Amazing, all-around, versatile

Question 8 - What are some of your accomplishments?
Kevin Spinoza - Graduated from the Naval Academy.

Learning and surviving in the extreme sport of BASE Jumping. 

Breaking out into Medical Device Sales.

Question 9 - What are your goals and aspirations?
Kevin Spinoza - I want to continue to travel and BASE jump around the world and experience as many amazing places/different cultures that I can. 

Professionally I want to continue breaking out in Medical Sales and provide the very best innovative products to help physicians improve patient care.

Question 10 - Is there anything else you would like to say to our veteran community and customers?
Kevin Spinoza - We live in an absolutely amazing country that is filled with so much talent and courageous people/veterans. I love this country very much.