Fishing tuesday

Live Bait Fishing

Natural baits play a crucial role in the art of fishing. Next time you approach a waterway, stock up on live baits such as earthworms, crickets or minnows, and perfect your bobber rig setup. You'll be rewarded with some impressive catches.

Finesse Fishing

Patience and precision are essential when navigating enemy territory or targeting freshwater bass. Use lighter tackle and subtle lures, applying slow and thoughtful techniques during post-front conditions or when facing wary targets in heavily-pressured waters.

Power Fishing

Those of us who value speed and efficiency will appreciate power fishing. Arm yourself with heavy rods and impactful lures like crankbaits or chatterbaits, and quickly cover vast stretches of water, invoking reaction strikes from predators like walleye and muskies.

Fly Fishing

Embrace tradition and skill while engaging in an age-old method dating back to 13th century England. Using a fly rod, reel and deceptive artificial flies, you'll skillfully target both cold-water species such as trout and salmon, as well as warmwater species like panfish.