Remember when your dad came home

…after a long day of work, or a deployment, and poured himself a calculated, but ample amount of tan liquor into a glass, and stared pensively out the window for a few moments? Did he enjoy the occasional cigar with friends? Do you recall overhearing him reminisce with pals while the glasses clanked and the laughs kept you awake? If so, there’s a good chance we have the Father’s Day kit that can help celebrate every dad.

No shortcuts taken

The glass and bottles are sand carved by hand with state-of-the-art equipment. Then each glass and bottle is blasted using a patented blasting mask to create the sharpest image on every glass. Each glass features our skull and arrows logo, and our unique tread that allows our MOD 1 to outperform any shoe in any urban environment.

More than just whiskey

In addition to the glass set, there are two packs of cards, so that dad can always bring a pack on liberty and leave. These cards are one of a kind, and even if the river card misses and you’ve got nothing but a busted draw, you can bluff with a card set that’s worthy of your gambit.

celebrate Dads

For all the dads that have always kept our nation before everything else let Woobies help you celebrate those who have sacrificed so much for the rest of us with our limited edition Father’s Day set.