Derick Carver

Meet this American Hero who decided to make no excuses…
Derick Carver

To have the freedom to make something out of nothing. After losing his leg in Afghanistan, this American hero thought that life was over…He was frustrated. Grieving. Even played victim. “How can I play sports, love again, be myself?” After a few days of thinking those thoughts, he REFRAMED his thinking and mindset…He is now a US & World Champion Disabled Strongman. Inspiring over 100,000 Americans across his social media platforms. And becoming the best version of himself everyday.

From recovery to powerlifting

It has been a long journey for Derick and it has been far from easy. From receiving serious injury during his time serving to recovery to where he is now. Working out and living life to his heart's content.

Derick is simply doing what he loves.

"I'm disabled not disadvantaged. You can stare but don't stare with pity. I love my life even if I don't love the circumstances of my life. You only get 75 years if your lucky. Make sure you enjoy them."

-Derick Carver

The Interview

Question 1 - Where were you born?
Derick - "I was born outside Memphis, TN."

Question 2 - What school(s) did you attend?
Derick - "This is a loaded question. I went to 4 high schools and 3 colleges trying to figure life out. I graduated from Rosamond HS in Rosamond, CA and Eastern Michigan University in Michigan.

Question 3 - What did you do after graduating?
Derick - "After graduating college I was commissioned as an Infantry Officer with the U.S. Army. I moved to Georgia."

Question 4 - What was your experience like serving for our country?
Derick - "I had a blast, I loved my profession. I wished my career was longer but life happens and God has a plan."

Question 5 - What do you like to do in your free time?
Derick - "I spend a lot of my free time in the gym training, reading or writing. I enjoy learning. I'm constantly listening to podcasts, books and speeches. I make it a point to stay active in the Veteran community typically through non profits. I try to get better at something everyday."

Question 6 - Explain your involvement with Woobies.
Derick - "I’m on the board of advisors and a bro. I’ve been working or affiliated with Woobies Shoes over the last few years."

Question 7 - What are your goals and aspirations?
Derick - "My goal right now is to get into graduate school in Texas. After that I want to stay jacked, shoot better and continue to do God’s work. I'm a simple man and enjoy being at home doing nothing. It doesn't happen much."

Question 8 - Is there anything else you would like to say to our veteran customers and community?
Derick -

Veterans: "I love the Veteran community and hope that Veterans continue to keep the community active. We need Veterans to step up and get involved. People look to us for leadership and we mustn't be afraid to step up and lead. Everyone of us has served and should continue to do so in whatever capacity we can. Control your drinking, temper and if you don't have a relationship with God, you should give it a try.

Lastly, always get and use your benefits, you've earned them."

Customers: "Whatever reason you came to Woobies is a good one. Help get the word out and tell your friends. You're supporting a great cause without all of the nonsense surrounding other companies in the world."