Get to know the Squad

Anthony Aguiniga

Founder and Chairman of Woobies
Anthony Aguiniga

The OG, Founder of Woobies, Former US Army Special Forces Green Beret, LEO, Firefighter, and EMT. Formerly the CEO, now the Chairman of the Board at Woobies.

The Man With the Vision

Get to know Anthony

Below is an exclusive look into who Anthony is as the founder of Woobies as well as a look into his life.

The Interview

Question 1 - What is your role at Woobies?

Anthony - "I'm currently serving as chairman of the board here at Woobies and was previously the founding CEO."

Question 2 - Where were you born at?

Anthony - "I was born in Los Angeles, California."

Question 3 - What school did you attend?

Anthony - "I attended and graduated from Ponderosa High school in 2000."

Question 4 - What did you do after graduating

Anthony - "I joined the Army in 2001 right out of high school. I was then a part of the OIF initial Iraq invasion and Afghanistan OEF operations."

Question 5 - When did you start Woobies?

Anthony - "Woobies was started in 2015. It was after graduating high school and serving time in the military. I was in need of a purpose and had a hard time finding one during this time. I did everything from being a
firefighter to being and Uber Driver which was not what I ultimately wanted to do. In turn, I found true value and hope in entrepreneurship. I earned an MBA from the prestigious SMU Cox School of Business and
continued to pursue my dream in Woobies."

Question 6 - What do you like to do in your free time?

Anthony - "In my free time I like to work on my music projects and collaborate with other veterans and their businesses."

Question 7 - What are your goals and aspirations?

Anthony - "My goal is to lead Woobies to become a household name as a brand, and to be a leading manufacturer in shoes. My long term goal is to develop a "sober living" program as a non-profit for combat

Question 8 - Is there anything else you would like to say to our veteran community and customers?

Anthony - "To our veterans, lots of us don't like to ask for help or admit we have a problem. Give your battle buddies a check in once a day. A phone call may save a brother or sister's life."

Anthony - "To our customers, since day one, we have taken pride in our products and customer service. We will continue to do so as we grow."