Alan Huynh

Influnced by the sweet science

I grew up boxing because I always looked up to Muhammad Ali after seeing him light the 1996 Olympic Torch in Atlanta. Boxing was the perfect encapsulation of strategy, athleticism, guts, grit, and risk. But Ali was different, as he elevated himself to an entirely different level with everything he did outside of the squared circle. He inspired me and showed me how you can elevate yourself through lateral thinking, staying focused on a vision, and never staying down. His example inspired and shaped a lot of my perspective.

building and g-force

I’ve worked with some of the best companies in the world from Amazon, Disney, Nike, Google, and Uber, and was at the ground level helping them scale 600% YoY and grow some of the most amazing products and brands in the world. I had the chance to work with and collaborate with amazing marketers at these brands at R/GA (arguably the greatest marketing agency in the world). Partnering and collaborating with these amazing companies showed me that the most important thing to success is being a builder. And you know you’re a builder when you can fly in the sky and see the forest, and accelerate as fast as you can to the tree, and know exactly how the roots of every single tree make the forest.

The Interview

Question 1 - Where were you born?
Alan - "I was born in Orange County, CA."

Question 2 -What school(s) did you attend?
Alan - "I went to the University of Southern California and majored in Urban Planning, which taught me empathy and how to build and understand complex systems and wicked problems."

Question 3 - What did you do after graduating?
Alan - "I was an urban planner for a while that focused on funding major infrastructure projects typically through grants or TIF (tax increment financing) subsidies."

Question 4 - What was your first job?
Alan - "Transportation Planner for the City of Pasadena."

Question 5 - What do you like to do in your free time?
Alan - "I like to eat tacos, cook pasta, read books, get punched in the face, try to make someone tap, or run a no particular order, but at very high frequency."

Question 6 - Explain your involvement with Woobies.
Alan - "I'm helping Woobies with their go-to-marketing planning, growth strategy, and revenue operations."

Question 7 - Describe Woobies in 3 words.
Alan - "Bad-ass, fucking shoes...that might be four, but I'll just hyphenate it."

Question 8 - What has been your favorite project at Woobies?
Alan - "That's top secret, but you'll know it when you see it."

Question 9 - What are your goals and aspirations?
Alan - "To work with amazing people, build amazing things, solve amazingly hard problems, and have fun while making amazing memories along the way.

Question 10 - Is there anything else you would like to say to our veteran community and customers?
Alan - "Don't blink, the best is yet to come."